Student Evaluations (Spring 2017)

Instructor: Nathalie Al-Zyoud
Course Title: “Restorative Justice Skills Course: Restoring Wholeness in Broken Relationships”
Course Number: IAFF 6502
Dates: Saturday 1/28/17 and Sunday 1/29/17
Course Time: S 0930-1700


Number of students: 20



Evaluation Summary

The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject matter100%

The instructor was easy to interact with99%

The instructor completed all course modules in a timely manner97%

I am satisfied with the quality of the course100%

I would recommend Nathalie Al-Zyoud as an instructor100%



Student Comments

“You provided clear and concise guidelines for how to approach RJ and your emphasis on practice and role-playing was very helpful. This is exactly how a skills course should be conducted and I learned so much in such a short time. Thank you!”

“An awesome skills course that I hope continues to be offered for Elliott School students, especially for those of us in conflict resolution. Ms. Al-Zyoud is awesome! I appreciate her expertise.”

“I found it especially useful when the Professor came around to the individual groups to offer feedback.”

“I think that the way this skills course was structured was extremely effective. I felt that I was constantly challenging myself. I would highly recommend.”

"The class was great! It would be helpful to have more robust prompts available for some of the scenarios for people who don’t improvise well.”

“This was a really great class and I’ve learned a lot! One of the best skills courses I’ve had a GW. The role-plays and interactive scenarios were all so useful in learning the material.”

“I liked that the opening session led to a deeper trust among students but would prefer a less personal prompt.”

“Lecture went a little fast. More conflict zone information would be great.”

“The role-plays were so helpful! I loved the first dialogue circle as an ice breaker to set the tone for the class.”

“The course was very interesting and taught me a lot about myself, my facial reactions and abilities as an active listener. So many new and valuable skills!”

“Patient, excellent listener, clear orator and provides relevant examples. Some lecture points were long, but overall an excellent learning experience. I know way more about restorative justice now.”

“You are an incredibly knowledgeable and articulate Professor. I hope you can continue teaching this course in the same way.”

“Could incorporate a bit more international applications perhaps as a case study from the Professor’s experience.”

“Very approachable and friendly. Professor had a lot of energy and knowledgeable about RJ. So glad I took this class."

“Very accessible and passionate about the subject which came across clearly. Very interesting material and kept this class lively.”

“Great job!  New process that was great to learn about.”

"I felt the class was interactive and constructive, I would have appreciated receiving more resources on next steps in working as a mediator.”

“This was the best skills course I have taken at GW. The role playing definitely gave a better understanding of how complicated RJ can be and the challenges involved. Thank you!”

"I really loved the role-plays. I felt that it helped me learn how dynamic situations can be improved.”


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