Student Evaluations (Spring 2018)

Instructor: Nathalie Al-Zyoud
Course Title: “Restorative Justice Skills Course: Restoring Wholeness in Broken Relationships”
Course Number: IAFF 6502
Dates: Saturday 1/27/18 and Sunday 1/28/18
Course Time: S 0930-1700


Number of Students: 20



Evaluation Summary

The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject matter100%

The instructor was easy to interact with98%

The instructor completed all course modules in a timely manner99%

I am satisfied with the quality of the course99%

I would recommend Nathalie Al-Zyoud as an instructor100%



Student comments

“This was a great class, I learned a lot in only the short amount of time we had together. I particularly enjoyed the role-play activities, they were a fun way to learn about and implement our restorative justice skills. Finally, I think this class was really great because I am a conflict resolution major, and this class will be helpful in the future.”

“Professor Al-Zyoud is an incredible professor and I believe that this class is vital for anyone who will be working in the conflict resolution, development, or international affairs field (but not limited to these fields). I have learned so much in just over a weekend. I cannot thank her enough.”

“Great course”

“I liked the role playing, I thought that was the most helpful in learning the new skills”

 “My favorite aspect of the course was the professional manner in which Nathalie treated the students. I felt empowered to continue to hone my skills and find applicable situations to contribute to, given learning this new framework”

“I really enjoyed the role-plays. I am generally uncomfortable with role-play activities but I feel although I was really able to learn more with so much hands-on practice.”

“The learning techniques + processes were varied so that long days were broken up and varied. I feel prepared to use what I have learned. There were both tools/practices and the necessary explanation/background to understand. More constructive criticism might have been useful, not just I liked what I heard from X when they said Y”

“It is one of the best classes I’ve taken. I learned so much from it. As an instructor, you were very knowledgeable and your enthusiasm was definitely shared. The class simulations were definitely helpful to understand the concepts. Will certainly recommend!!”

 “I think this course was extremely helpful and builds upon the resilience course. It has a way to intertwine both subjects in its own distinctive manner. I loved this course; I hope the apprenticeship works out.”

“Honestly, one of the most informative and practical classes I’ve taken at GW. I can use these tools moving forward not just for my career, but for personal life (i.e. de-escalating situations). Very sad I can’t take another course. 10/10! Loved it!”

“I liked the role-playing, but I was not expecting the class I got, so maybe outline it a little more thoroughly in the syllabus?”

“Enjoyed the format of the class: lecture + role-play to enforce concepts. 3 of the role-plays felt a bit repetitive: bully, oil, shopkeeper. I enjoyed the community role play.”

“The activities were similar but because the content was different, it didn’t feel like the resiliency class at all. I enjoyed the class a lot. Thank you!”

“Thanks for a great weekend! I feel like I learned a lot. The role-playing activities were extremely helpful. The layout of the class is perfect given the time constraint.”

“Thank you! It’s been a great class.”

“The class was great and I learned a lot. A little worried how much I will retain everything, so would be great to set the PowerPoint and handouts online for future reference. Very much enjoyed this class and learned about the many applications of RJ.”

“I feel very lucky to have been able to take the course and hope that I can incorporate the lessons I have learned into my inter-personal relationships and career. Thank you!”

“Fantastic class. Difficult but well worth it. I learned a lot! Thank you!”

“Excellent class. Made the day go quickly. Learned a lot. Now feel comfortable facilitating.”

“To be honest I was not quite sure what restorative justice was when I signed up for the class and thought this would just going be a skills course that I just took for the credit. But I am happy to admit that was very wrong. I’m now considering this as a career choice. Also, thanks you for helping me to explore issues that I had not explored before.” BH





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