Student Evaluations (Spring 2016)

Instructor: Nathalie Al-Zyoud
Institution: George Washington University, The Elliott School of International Affairs
Course Title: Building Resilient Communities: an introduction to strengthening resilience in conflict-affected countries
Course Number: IAFF 6052.18
Dates: 1/16/2016 - 1/23/2016
Course Time: S 0930-1700


Number of students: 18



Evaluation Summary

The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject matter100%

The instructor was easy to interact with98%

The instructor completed all course modules in a timely manner98%

I am satisfied with the quality of the course99%

I would recommend Nathalie Al-Zyoud as an instructor99%



Student Feedback

"Great instructor with a true sense of how to convey material to students! Her energy gets you excites about solving-problems.”

“Excellent class! The professor was highly engaged, energetic and incredibly knowledgeable. Appreciated the learning about multiple tools and the role-play made the concepts come to life. Great class!”

 “Great class. Would have loved a list of online/book resources to use later on if I end up pursuing conflict resolution in communities.”

“The exercise is a great tool to allow us to apply the concepts and to keep us engaged.”

“Excellent course. Very useful and well presented. It would be beneficial as a full 3-credit course as well! Only thing I would change is that it is a lot of info and processing it can be tough in 2 days.”

“Some of the mapping exercises om session 1 needed a little more scripted dialogue instead of mapping stakeholders from any conflict and needing to go deeper in-depth with one case as a class. The interactive role-plays at the beginning and end of session 2 were great to imagine being in the position of facilitators since we didn’t have a real world example to refer to.”

“Fantastic course. Inspiring and made me want to work in the field even more. Taught me some real concrete skills that I could envision using in the future.”

“We could have gone slower/more deeply on some aspects, but I understand the reason for breadth over depth. I wish this was a longer course.”

“Very engaging course. The second simulation was a bit more difficult to get engaged in then the first.”

“Very engaging discussion about the multi-packed challenges of conflict. I see tons of potential to apply it to the Columbian conflict.”

“The lectures were well divided with group role-plays. Overall great class!”

“Great mix of lectures/activities. Enjoyed them all, except the matrix exercise maybe. Overall top job! GREAT CLASS!”

“I hope this class is available over a greater duration as the skills were very insightful and useful.”

“This course if great and jam-packed with material It could be expanded into a semester long course or less info could be presented because the volume was sometimes overwhelming.”

“I highly recommend the continuation of this course.”

“FANTASTIC Course! Didn’t expect to love it or learn so much. Really liked the balance of lecture and exercise/role-play. Love that is was two Saturdays instead of a full weekend (can be draining). Perhaps give 10 minute breaks instead of 5, so people can get coffee!”

“Course was very good; a description through course selection page would be helpful. Quality of the course was high. Thanks!”





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