Testing New Waters in Environmental Peacebuilding

Taking the time to understand the field is an important first step to take as an organization explores broadening the scope of its work.

Conservation International (CI) is one such NGO looking at opportunities to enter the conflict resolution space. They began their journey by pulling together conflict management experts and hosting events on the conflict mitigation tools used by development agencies and international institutions like the United Nations (UN) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

These half-day sessions served to increase the knowledge and capacity of CI staff, as well as invited international conservation, peace and development practitioners.

CI then coupled these events with hard skills training for their staff. The Policy Center for Environment and Peace, championing conflict resolution within the organization, partnered with Communities in Transition (CIT) to teach their staff advanced communication skills and consensus-building techniques in times of conflict. CIT introduced CI to new strategies for reaching a collaborative agreement, skills they will be able to use whether they are facilitating a multi-stakeholder consultation in Geneva, convening government and community representatives in the field or bringing departments together to develop a strategic plan.

Their journey continues as they find their niche in the conflict resolution field and build on the dialogues they’ve already convened to further empower parties in conflict to find sustainable solutions that meet everyone’s needs.




Startup Leadership Program

Communities in Transition (CIT) was accepted into the Startup Leadership Program (SLP), a highly selective, global, world-class training program and lifelong global network for outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators who want to become startup CEOs.

Eliciting change beyond your circles

Dialogue projects generally use four types of transfer models, differentiated by the type of participants and the direction of the transfer to other groups or institutions:

The Rise of Dangerous Speech in the U.S.

In these times of heightened political tension, the IMCP Hill Working Group invited experts [1] in the field of dangerous speech to help us understand the context in which our country’s political dysfunction is evolving.

Conflict Resolution in the Quran

As I conduct conflict resolution training in Muslim-majority countries, rooting my curriculum in the teachings of the Quran and the rich traditions, values and principles of Islam helps contextualize my Western framework of med

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