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5 Tips for Facilitating a Successful Multi-stakeholder Consultation

Contact groups, peace talks, and conferences are a diplomat's classic tools when faced with a rapidly deteriorating security environment. While some have been very successful, the landscape of international interventions, in times of war, is replete with examples of multi-stakeholder consultations that failed to produce sustainable results or fell short of reaching a comprehensive settlement.

Oslo Forum Papers

Center for Humanitarian Dialogue

Oslo Forum Papers N°002 (November 2013)

"Strengthening mediation to deal with criminal agendas"

By James Cockayne



Using Mediators to Ripen Protracted Conflicts

Protracted conflicts are some of the most resistant to third-party interventions. These are conflicts that have withstood the test of time. The dehumanization of the “other” becomes part of the belligerents’ identity and parties lock their positions around solutions that are perceived to be incompatible.  Over time, leaders get hooked on resources and power which takes primacy over the root causes of the conflict.

5 Reasons People in Conflict Agree to Mediate

Mediators have to pitch their services based on the usefulness of the intervention and its prospect of success.

Mediation as a Foreign Policy Instrument

When a third-party is asked to facilitate a conversation between belligerents, the Mediator creates a space where disputants are able to express themselves without restrictions and explore all possible options.


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